Guess what, Canada? I’M COMING BAAAACKKKK. And… I have a favour to ask.

Firstly, though, I should explain why I’m coming back if you didn’t quite get the full story from the recent CP24 Breakfast Show interview above.

Some of you might have seen that I wrote a book, called ‘Adventureman: Anyone Can Be a Superhero’. Well, that book is finally available in Canada, after becoming a #1 best-seller in the UK (it’s on here, in paperback and eBook).

That’s right, to everybody that’s been kind enough to wait while we worked to find somebody that could distribute the book in North America without you spending a fortune to get it shipped (and, amazingly, some of you did just that – thank you so much!), we’ve cracked it.

I’m absolutely chuffed to say, if you live in Canada or the US, you can buy the book from the lovely people at RIGHT HERE. And it’s also available in all local independent book stores too.

Here’s what Canadian Olympic hero Clara Hughes (who has won multiple Olympic medals as both a speed skater in the Winter Olympics and cyclist in the Summer Olympics!) had to say about the book:

‘I laughed. I cried. I absolutely loved reading about Jamie’s journey – just incredible. It’s not just his 5,000-mile Canadian run, but also, more profoundly, the fact that he was sick as a kid and yet still achieved and experienced so many amazing things that makes this book so damn good. What struck me deeply is his humanity and unfailing ability to never give up… It was also great to read about all the people who helped Jamie across our vast country – I couldn’t be prouder to be Canadian. This book is unputdownable – a true must-read for anyone looking to find the superhero within themselves.’

Clara Hughes, OC OM MSC

To celebrate the release, I’ve decided to recreate the Canadian run!

Sadly, I’m not going to be running it this time (I’ll be in a camper van) – but I will be driving every one of the miles I covered throughout the run last time.

Here is our LIVE tracker so you can see where I am at any time, as I continue driving the same route I ran across Canada as part of my tour, stopping in at hospitals we helped and giving talks about my book en route.

For any books sold in Canada, 50% of profits will go to the main children’s hospital in the province I’m travelling through (just like when I raised money for them before), and the other 50% will go to the charity I co-founded, Superhero Foundation.

So, 100% of the profits from the book go to charity. I haven’t, and won’t, earn a penny from it.

Since finishing the run, alongside starting the charity and writing the book – which, given my dyslexia, took me foreverrr – I’ve been giving motivational talks. I’ve probably given more than 500 talks to businesses, schools and other organisations around the world in the last couple of years, which has been AMAZING.

I would never say I’m an expert, but I’ve had some pretty phenomenal feedback, and, honestly, it’s become a dream come true to be inspiring people for a living.

Throughout my time doing the book tour in Canada, I’d like to give my time – for free – to as many schools, hospitals and, really, anybody that wants to hear my story as possible!

This video gives you a good idea of what you can expect me to ramble on about:

And here’s where I ask for the favour.

Some of you might remember that I’m not much of a planner.

But guess what? Since finishing the run, I’ve only gone and found my very own Adventure Queen, Miss Anna McNuff! She’s gone above and beyond her girlfriend duties to put the below travel timeline for Canada together. A Canadian plan.

A Planada, if you will.

Actually, YEP. A PLANADA. Think it’ll catch on?

If your home town is in the list below, please look at when I’m near to you, and help me book talks, events and book signings. The sooner in advance, the better – I’d love to get my diary as booked out as possible!

Here are a few thoughts:

  • I don’t think I’ll be able to do more than a couple of talks each day. Dependent on travel, it might even only be one.
  • Again, there’ll be no absolutely no cost for any talks. If you’d like me to speak to an audience wherever you live or work, I’m all ears!
  • I’ll bring along a load of books to each talk (bring $20!). As I say, every penny made goes to charity.
  • I will be prioritising schools (I’ve found secondary school kids, so 10-11+ years old, respond brilliantly), hospitals and anywhere else I feel I can really make a difference, but that isn’t to say I won’t speak at businesses, book stores and other organisations too – after all, anyone can be a superhero!

See your home town and want to book me up to talk?

Email Superhero, Victoria Clark at: with the place name and date in the subject line and she’ll get back to you. I’ll add pencilled-in talks into the plan as soon as they’re confirmed, to try to avoid doubling up.

Want to help with PR?

For all media requests and interviews, email Leanna Gruhn at:

Without further ado, here’s the PLANADA – thank you so much for your help!

2017 Nov 7 - 12
St John’s

9/11/17 – Janeway Hospital, 2pm (private event)

9/11/17 – AC Hunter Library, 7pm (public event)

10/11/17 – Coles Bookstore, Avalon Mall, 3:30pm (public event)

12/11/17 – Coles Bookstore, Village Shopping Centre, 12pm (public event)

2017 Nov 13 - 15

14/11/17 – Arnold’s Cove School, 1:50pm (private event)
15/11/17 – Riverside School, 9am (private event)
15/11/17 – Clarenville Middle School, 11:00 (private event)
15/11/17 – Lets Truck Destination Health Pod Cast Interview, 2:50pm

2017 Nov 16

CBC Interview, 8am
Gander Public Library, 3:30pm (public event)

2017 Nov 17
Grand Falls-Windsor

Harmsworth Public Library, 12pm (public event)
Corduroy Brook Conservation Centre, 7pm (public event)

2017 Nov 18 - 20
Deer lake

18/11/17 – Royal Canadian Legion, 7pm (public event)
19/11/17 – Private Event all day
20/11/17 – Xavier Junior School, 9am (private event)

2017 Nov 20 - 22
Corner Brook

20/11/17 – Templeton School, 1pm (private event)
21/11/17 – CBC Studios – interview, 8am
21/11/17 – Pasadena Academy, 11am (private event)
21/11/17 – Pasadena Elementary School, 12:30pm (private event)
21/11/17 – Corner Brook Library, 6:30pm (public event)
22/11/17 – Corner Brook Intermediate, 9:40am (private event)
22/11/17 – C.C. Loughlin School, 1pm (private event)
22/11/17 – WMRH School of Nursing, 3pm (private event)

2017 Nov 23 - 24
Channel Port Aux Basques

23/11/17 – Port Aux Basques Library, 6:30pm (public event)
24/11/17 – St James Elementary, 10:35am (private event)

2017 Nov 25
Ferry to North Sydney
Nova Scotia
2017 Nov 26
North Sydney

St Andrews Church Youth Group, 6:30pm (private event)

2017 Nov 27
2017 Nov 28 - 29

28/11/17 – Antigonish Library, 6:30pm (public event)

2017 Nov 30 - 5
2017 Dec 6 - 7

07/12/17 – Cumberland North Academy, 9:15 (private event)
07/12/17 – Private Event

Prince Edward Island
2017 Dec 8 - 9
Prince Edward Island

08/12/17 – Summerside Intermediate School, 10:50am (private event)
08/11/17 – Athena Consolidated School, 12:50pm (private event)
09/11/17 – Indigo Book Store, Charlottetown, 10am-12pm (public book signing)

New Brunswick
2017 Dec 10 - 11

11/12/17 – CBC News Interview, 6:30am
11/12/17 – Bessborough School, 8:30am (private event)
11/12/17 – Edith Cavell School, 10:30am (private event)

11/12/17 – Moncton Rotary Luncheon held at the Wingate Hotel:
– Luncheon at 12pm (public event)
– Jamie’s free talk at 12:30pm (public event)
To purchase your luncheon ticket or to book your free seat for the talk please go to:

2017 Dec 12
Drive to Fredricton
2017 Dec 13
Drive to Edmunston

Florenceville Elementary School, 11am (private event)
Perth Andover Middle School, 1:45pm (private event)

2017 Dec 14
2017 Dec 15
Quebec City
2017 Dec 16
Drive to Montreal
2017 Dec 17

Coin Des Coureurs, 1 Place Ville Marie, 10:30am (public event)

2017 Dec 18 - 20

18/12/17 – CBC Radio Ottawa Interview, 6:45am
18/12/17 – Private Party, 7pm
20/12/17 – Huntley Centennial School, 11:30am (private event)

2017 Dec 21
Drive to Kingston

Hotel Dieu Hospital, 11:30am (public event) To book a FREE space please copy this link into your browser:
Lancaster Drive Public School, 2pm (private event)
Kingston Chapters, 7pm (public event)

2017 Dec 22
Port Hope

Garanaska Trail School, 11:20am (private event)
Green Wood Coalition, 18 Ontario St, 6pm (public event)

2017 Dec 23 - 28
2017 Dec 25 - 27
Merry Christmas!

28/12/17 – Newstalk 1010 Interview, 7:30am
28/12/17 – 680 News interview, 12:30pm
28/12/17 – SickKids Foundation, 2pm (private event)

2017 Dec 29
Drive to Barrie

CP24 Breakfast News interview, 7:20am

2017 Dec 30 - 31

31/12/2017 – New Sudbury Library, 12pm (public event)

2018 Jan 1 - 2
Happy New Year!
2018 Jan 3
Elliot Lake

Deer Trail Curling Club, 12pm

2018 Jan 4
Sault Saint Marie

Algoma’s Water Tower Inn, 7pm (public event)

2018 Jan 5
Sault Ste Marie

Thrive Child Development Centre, 10am (private event)

2018 Jan 6

Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre, 6pm (public event)

2018 Jan 7 - 8
2018 Jan 9 - 11
Thunder Bay

9/01/18 – Five Mile School, 10:30am (private event)
9/01/18 – Gorham and Ware School, 1:30pm (private event)
10/01/18 – Sweet North Bakery, 10am (public event)
10/01/18 – Nor’Wester View School, 1pm (private event)
10/01/18 – Thunder Bay Country Market, 4pm (public event)
11/01/18 – Pope John Paul School, 10am (private event)
11/01/18 – Ogden School, 1:30pm (private event)

2018 Jan 12

Dryden High School, 2pm (private event)

2018 Jan 13
Vermilion Bay

Private Event – All Day

2018 Jan 14

14/01/2018 – The Log Cabin Tavern, 2pm (public event)
15/01/2018 – Ecole Ste Marguerite Bourgeoys, 9:30am (private event)

2018 Jan 15 - 18

15/01/18 – Chapters, 695 Empress Street, 7pm (public event)

16/01/18 – CBC information radio (interview)

16/01/18 – Global News Morning (interview)
16/01/18 – Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, 12:45pm (private event)
16/01/18 – McNally Robinson Bookstore, 7pm (public event)
17/01/18 – City Park Runners, 2091 Portage Ave, 7pm (public event)

2018 Jan 19
Sioux Valley

MacGregor Collegiate Institute, 9am (private event)
North Norfolk-MacGregor Library, 10:30 (public event)
Alexander School, 2pm (private event)

Coles Book Store – BRANDON, 7pm (public event)


2018 Jan 20 - 22

22/01/18 – Virden School, 9:30am (private event)

22/01/18 – Elkhorn School, 1:30pm (public event)

2018 Jan 22
2018 Jan 23 - 24

23/01/18 – Wapella School, 10:30am (private event)
24/01/18 – Winston Knoll Collegiate, 1:15pm (private event)

2018 Jan 25 - 27
Moose Jaw

25/01 Pense School, 11am (private event)

26/01 Palliser Heights, 11am (private event)

2018 Jan 28

Gull Lake School, 2pm (public event)- no booking required,
After this there is a Sign Making Workshop at 3pm, if you would like to book a space at that for after the talk please go to:
Tompkins School, 7:30pm (public event)

2018 Jan 29 - 31
Medicine Hat

29/01/2018 – Wilson Learning Centre, 10:40am (private event)

30/01/2018 – Seven Person’s School, 10:30am (private event)
30/01/2018 – Medicine Hat Public Library, 7pm (public event)

31/01/2018 – Webster Niblock School, 11am (private event)

2018 Jan 31

Canadian Armed Forces Base, 2pm (private event)

2018 Feb 1

Brooks Junior High School, 1:15pm (private event)

2018 Feb 2

Holy Cross Collegiate, 11am (private event)

2018 Feb 3
Contingency Day
2018 Feb 4 - 9

05/02/18 – St Gabriel The Archangel School, 9:30am (private event)

05/02/18 – Our Lady Of Wisdom School, 11am (private event)

05/02/18 – Good Earth Coffeehouse, 555 Strathcona Blvd, 7pm (public event) to sign up follow this link:

2018 Feb 10 - 11
British Columbia
2018 Feb 12 - 15

Bacchus Books, 7pm (public event)

2018 Feb 16 - 18
2018 Feb 19 - 22

19/02/2018 – BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, 2pm (private event)

2018 Feb 23
2018 Feb 24 - 26

24/02 – Chapters, 1212 Douglas Street, 12:30pm (public event)

24/02 – The Bard and Banker, 3pm (public event)