Jamie has delivered motivational, inspiring and entertaining talks for corporates, not-for-profits, and after dinner events all around the world.

Some of the clients Jamie has worked with:

The key problems that Jamie solves within organisations are:

  • Self-motivation – when everyone is feeling down in the dumps, lifting spirits and finding more motivation within ourselves can change an organisation around
  • Resilience – maybe there has been a change within the organisation, and you just want everyone to keep going? Jamie will share stories on never EVER giving up
  • Power of connection – no matter who you are, what you do, it’s about connecting with people on a human level to reach your goal
  • Making a difference – are your staff feeling undervalued? Jamie can shift the focus on less about making money, and more about making a difference

Jamie works with the event organisers to tailor each and every talk to their specific needs.

Having overcome debilitating and life-threatening childhood illnesses to conquer monumental physical and mental challenges in a bid to give back to those that helped him. Which include, cycling 14,000 miles around the world on a push bike. Breaking one of the toughest and most gruelling endurance Guinness World Records on the planet, by cycling for 12 days non-stop on a static bike. And then of course, completing his historic 200 marathon solo run across Canada raising $500,000 for kids hospitals. Jamie is keen to share his story of beating the odds and proving that we are capable of much more than many of us know.

If you would like to book Jamie McDonald to speak at your business, event, or after dinner, please contact Jamie’s Team: contact@jamiemcdonald.org 

Please include as much information as possible, including date(s), estimated audience size and any other relevant details.

“Jamie has an inspiring story to tell, using his stories to motivate others with his incredible adventures” – Sir Steve Redgrave, Rower, 5 time Olympic Gold Medalist

“Jamie provoked laughter, tears, shock, more laughter and transmitted a whole chunk of pride and self-esteem to a room full of police staff and inspectors, very inspirational and uplifting story telling” – Police, UK

“Having booked countless speakers before, and feeling the pressure of running the biggest business award show of 2016 held in the UK, booking Jamie is without doubt the best decision I’ve ever made. His passionate delivery of an innovative talk had over 800 esteemed guests hanging off his every word. Through a technically flawless and authentic presentation, he inspired the audience repeatedly – moving them from raucous laughter, to tears. The best thing about Jamie is that he doesn’t realise just how good he is. Never before have I had the pleasure of dealing with a speaker who is so talented, and yet so down to earth. I wouldn’t hesitate to book him again” – Gloucestershire Business Awards

“Seeing Jamie speak was like watching an episode of Only Fools and Horses. Complete comedy and every once in a while you get socked with a heartwarming moment” – Liverpool Victoria

“His self-depreciating humour went down a storm and Jamie had an enormous impact on our soldiers. Very inspiring” – British and Canadian Army

“WARNING! Box of tissues required! So funny and so very inspiring! The perfect start to our staff conference. Endless echoing feedback like: extremely touching, makes you remember why you do what you do.” – NHS

“We flew Jamie around Great Britain to visit all of our offices’, he has a hugely entertaining story and is one of great personal endeavour; his tenacity in achieving his goals and in overcoming barriers is inspirational. Jamie’s engaging presentation style, his experiences and the challenges he faces, resonate well with his audience from a both a personal and business perspective” – Capita

“Inspirational. Can’t wait to have you back” – Unite Students

“We googled ‘Superhero’ and that’s exactly what we found. We’d like to adopt him a few weeks each year and bring him back to Canada” – Canada’s Coaches Association

“Best speaker we’ve seen in 25 years. A real and refreshing change from what you would normally expect in the corporate affair” – Sunlife

“Jamie is the perfect example of a real-life superhero” — Phil Vickery MBE, Rugby Player, Captained England

“Fundraising is easy with superhero mentality . We’d love you back” – NSPCC

“After listening to your talk something happened in my heart that hasn’t happened since the passing of my 8 year old son almost 9 years ago. I went to the cabinet where I keep the things that remind me of my son. There I found a beaded alligator which my son made whilst in hospital. At the time he gave it to me and said “here mommy, this one is for you, so you will never be alone.” The second is a medal the hospital gave him for being a hero. After hearing you speak, I now want you to have both of these things. The alligator because I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone on your adventures, and the gold medal because you are my hero”  – Cindy Hopkins, Canadian Mum

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“I nearly fell off my chair, hilarious and inspiring” – Alexander Armstrong, BBC presenter & comedian

“We get so wrapped up in our day to day ‘inconveniences’ that we lose track of what it is really like to struggle, then succeed and the long lasting rewards this brings. We’d have you back in a flash” – Investors Group

“Are you an adventurer, or a comedian? Phenomenal” – Sir Geoff Hurst, former England footballer 

“You made everyone feel like their small actions make a big difference. Thank you for making our conference so special” — Dogs Trust

I can honestly say that we have never received so much immediate positive feedback for a speaker before! You have a genuine gift of authentically engaging with your audience – a rare talent. I’d highly recommend you to others, whether looking for a motivational speaker or for a way to add value to a leadership programme” – CIPD

“I watched Jamie inspire, entertain and motivate thousands of people” – Mike Tindall, Rugby Player, Captained England

Jamie CathedralPic credit: Gloucester Citizen

Jamie’s adventures have made news all over the world!