Introducinnng… the Adventureman Tracker!

Ousama Abushagur at Acacus Group have done it. They’ve created a live tracker, so you can see where I am at any time as I run 230 marathons across the States – plus, a way that you can get notified when I’m running through your town (so you don’t miss me!).

So just to reiterate, there are two ways you can use this tracker…

1.Sign up: – if you’re an American and I’m on route and running through your town, you can sign up and you’ll get a notification to your phone as I’m nearing to your town – I know, genius technology

2.Live tracker: – if you’d just like to see exactly where I am in the world, then simply click the link to follow along

Here’s an image too of the (rough) route plan, so you can think ahead!

solo run across america live tracker

Three ways I see the use of this tracker that you can either help, or get involved are…

1.Stalking: you can now stalk me over the next year or so, anytime you like – day or night!

2.See where I’m heading: if I’m on my way towards your town, or you know someone in a town ahead that might like to put me up for the night, or even better, might like to put on a fundraising event before I arrive, get in touch!

3.Join me: join the adventure! Whether you just wanna come say hi, want a hug, would like to deliver a coffee, want to run, you’re all welcome. Especially all you lovely weirdos – you’d be in great company.

Let’s see if we can use this tracker to help with donations to make a difference in helping sick kids around the world!


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